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A Quick Guide to Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)


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You may have seen ADUs rising to popularity in the Bay Area. They’re a great way to get more living space so that relatives can move in, guests can stay at your home, or you can get the home office or studio you’ve been dreaming of. Before you build one, read on to what is considered an ADU and what are the potential benefits.

What is Considered an ADU

An ADU can be separated or attached from the main home. ADUs can also have their own utilities, or it can be combined with the home’s utilities. For a building to be considered an ADU, it must be livable. To be considered livable, an ADU must have a functional kitchen or kitchenette and bathroom. ADUs must also follow the ADU compliance set by the state.

An ADU is different from an addition to the house because additions don’t have to meet the same criteria. Additions can be used as a personal theatre, an expansion of the kitchen, living room, etc., or another bedroom. ADUs can be used to house guests or family, but they can also be used as office space, home gyms, or room for your hobbies.

Benefits of ADUs

There are several benefits to building an ADU on your property. Here are some ways that an ADU could benefit your property:

  • Good investment opportunities can come from building an ADU. The housing shortage in California is still increasing, but ADUs could be one of the solutions. Land shortages are also a problem due to the population, but ADUs can help with this as well. ADUs can be used as rental properties to make additional income. It can increase your home’s value because there is more livable space on your property.
  • Separate living spaces are another use that ADUs have. If you live in a multi-generational home, this could make it easier to still have your own space while still living with your family. Some people build them for their elderly parents to move in, while others build them for their young adult children. This extra space can be used for guests that are staying over. It creates a separate space for your guests that doesn’t disturb the flow of your home.
  • ADUs could be a more affordable option instead of renting a separate property or buying another home.

In some ways, ADUs are like additions, but ADUs must have facilities to make that space livable. Additions are not required to be “livable” in the same way as ADUs. They could help solve the housing and land shortages that California is facing currently. If you are looking to build an ADU on your property, contact CBU Construction Development to get a free consultation.